Who is D-Boy?

Danny Rodriguez known as D-Boy died on October 6th of 1990 at the age of 22. The gifted Puerto Rican poet rapped about gang life and his faith in God. He was a counselor and tutor at Street Church Academy; a high school accredited ministry started for teens. Danny (D-Boy) was shot once in the chest entering his East Dallas apartment complex just before 2:30 A.M.. Although after he was shot he managed to drive a few blocks before striking a curb, hitting a pole and flipping over twice. He died about an hour after the shooting during surgery at Baylor University Medical Center. Dallas Police Department declared the case to be robbery motive or mistaken identity. Danny case is still left unsolved but his name continues to live on. 

His second album "The lyrical strength of one street poet" was completed a week before his death and scheduled to be released in November 1990. D-Boy is remembered as a man of God and a hip hop talent. Many times D-Boy is mentioned in the credits of Christan hip hop albums as an inspiration and example. It was until March 2006 that a tribute album was released called "The Fallen Soldier Compilation : A Tribute To D-Boy" and features artists like: Dynamic Twins, IDOL King, Fred Lynch from P.I.D., Lingo, Heata and others.