NuLife is a faith-based ministry that has been operating in the greater Dallas area since 1983.  We seek to change the quality of life for young people and their families by creating a spiritual connection , educational support, and economic opportunities. 



Our Objective

  • Impact The Youth’s Environment In The Community

  • Improve Academic Skill Level

  • Enhance Decision Making Skills

  • Promote Positive Self-Image,

  • Lower School Dropout Rate In Community

  • Reduce Teen Pregnancy,

  • Drug And Alcohol Abuse,

  • Decrease Gang And Delinquent Behavior Of “At Risk” Youth.






NuLife partners with local high schools and churches to provide a genuine space dedicated to teens.



Club meets once a week on Mondays; Leaders combine songs, humor, and group interaction to create an hour of energetic fun.

We aim for the "180" effect meaning a change in direction, making a complete turnaround, and heading in the opposite direction. The "180" effect is a symbol of what we want to see in the lives for God.



Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where everyone is accepted, challenged, and led through discipleship and encouragement, to make right choices and live a life honoring to God. NuLife is a safe place for students - no matter what their background looks like. We want them to ask questions, have fun, learn how to tackle real-life issues, and explore faith.