Every penny of your donation is strongly appreciated and recognized. Donate any amount that you wish to make a general donation or refer to our campaigns to donate to a specific cause.

Sponsor A Campaign

Our goal is to create a stream of small monthly donations to ensure the long-term health of D-Boy ministries. Each small monthly donation make a big impact, the collective impact of this campaign is a significant, steady, reliable and necessary stream of income for D-Boy Ministries. This sustainable income is vital for us to achieve our vision of raising up students to make a positive, permanent change in their community.


Staff Budget


Supporting our leaders is one of the most important things we can do because they are the boots on the ground for our ministry. A true backbone indeed; our leaders spend on average 20 hours a week connecting with students. By us being able to pay them allows the complete focus and attention from them to be used by God.

Operations Budget


Make our day-to-day possible with your support of our operations. Everything from cleaning cost to transportation maintenance is factored in to this budget. This is the small work that goes unseen but is important on so many levels.


New Building Budget


Support our dream of owning our own building. Truly giving our students a place to call home. Our dream is to build or take over a space in Garland that we would have 100% ownership of and build it to be a resource and fun place for our students.

Event Budget


We enjoy being out in the community and in the schools. Supporting our budget for events helps us create fellowship throughout the city. Helping our student give back to the communities they come from.