What We Do?


Sunday Service

Sunday Nights is where it all begins! This is our student-focused service. Join us Sunday nights 7:00pm for a time of worship, and teaching.

Here are some things to expect:

Breaking the Ice – getting to know you.

Self-esteem – a healthy evaluation of self.

Anger – How to calm down and get a grip.

Peer Pressure – who is influencing you.

Conflict resolution – conflict is inevitable, combat is optional.

We were made for relationships – yours, mine – ours.

Stress-solutions – dealing with the stuff.

Teamwork – you’re not alone.

Decision Making – why can’t I do what I want to do?

Alternative education - What type of learner are you?

and much more…


Bible Study

Wednesday nights is where we take a deeper look into our lives and scripture. From 7:00pm to 9:00pm students a chance get to gather together in Groups to dig into the Bible study.

The intention:

  • is to BE REAL with God

  • develop a defense for their faith

  • strengthen self accountability in faith

  • Develop confidence in independent walk with Jesus Christ


Outreach & Activities

Nu-Life partners with local high schools and churches to provide a genuine space dedicated to teens. Nu-Life club meets once a week on Mondays; Leaders combine songs, humor, and group interaction to create an hour of energetic fun. Leading up to our monthly events that’s jammed with “Controlled Chaos”, come find out what that actually means.

Our Objective:

  • Impact The Youth’s Environment;The Community

  • Improve Academic Skill Level

  • Enhance Decision Making Skills

  • Promote Positive Self-Image

  • Lower School Dropout Rate

  • Reduce Teen Pregnancy

  • Reduce Teen Drug And Alcohol Abuse

  • Decrease Gang Violence and Activity